Eye Exams for Children

Eye Exams for Children

Get your child's eyes examined at Dr . Bond & Associates before school starts

Dr. Bond & Associates, Barrie,Ontario optometrists recommend early and regular eye testing for children

A common misconception is that children need to be able to read in order to have their eyes checked. In fact, we recommend that your child have their first eye examination at the age of 6 months. Your child’s vision is essential in developing skills such as reading, writing, hand-eye coordination, and social skills. In fact, more than 80% of learning is done through the eyes . Children with poor vision may be misdiagnosed as having a learning or behavioural disability.

Regular eye examinations for children are extremely important. The visual system is constantly developing in children of a younger age and its very important that any interferences or problems are corrected early to ensure optimal vision in the child’s later years. Children are also often more responsive to treatment when they are diagnosed with a condition early. The perfect time to have your child's eyes examined is before school starts.At times a child may not even realize they have a vision problem and overlook talking to their parents, so its important for parents communicate with their children and the Optometrist about any changes in a child's vision. Some signs of a vision related problem include headaches, rubbing of the eyes and overall difficulty reading. Often times kids who are struggling in school end up just needing to get their vision corrected. Once they can properly see, their success in school improves immensely. Book an examination this school year with Dr.Bond & Associates in Barrie, Ontario

During a child’s eye examination, one of our friendly optometrists will check for conditions especially common in childhood including lazy eye and cross eye syndrome. Children’s eye examinations are covered by OHIP until they are 20 years old. Call Dr .Bond & Associates in Barrie to arrange for a children's eye exam

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