Eye Care Examinations

Eye Care Examinations

Regular eye exams are important to your health!

Dr David Bond & Associates in Barrie, Ontario offers eye health evaluations

Regular eye health evaluations are essential for preserving our sight and health. During an eye exam, vital health information is gained by viewing the interior of the eye and adjacent tissue. The eye itself can develop harmful diseases, which may have little or no symptoms.

Some of the signs of an eye disorder are: blurred or hazy vision, floaters or flashes, headaches, light sensitivity, red watery eyes, excessive tearing, and foreign body sensation

We'll advise and ensure you stay on a healthy schedule of when it's time to be re-examined. Don't rely on broken glasses or lost contact lenses to remind you of your next appointment, follow the advice of experts and have your eyes examined by an optometrist on a regular basis.

Come to Dr. David Bond & Associates Optometry in Barrie, Ontario today for your eye examination!

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