Contact Lens Examination and Fitting

Contact Lens Examination and Fitting

Find the perfect contact lens fit for your eyes

Dr Dave Bond & Associates in Barrie, Ontario offers comprehensive contact lens examination and fitting

At Dr. Dave Bond & Associates Optometrists, we have lots of experience examining the eye so that we can provide you with the most comfortable and effective contact lenses. Contact lens examinations are a 2 step process:

The first step is to consider your lifestyle and your preferences. These can include whether you want to change your eye color, or whether you want daily disposables or overnight wear. There is also the possibility that you might want rigid gas permeable lenses over soft contact lenses.

The second step is to measure the curvature of your eye, this way your contact lenses won't be too flat or too steep, both of which can cause damage to the eye. If your eye's surface is irregular due to astigmatism, you might need toric lenses, which are specially designed to correct astigmatism. With our contact lens fitting methods, we will ensure your contacts are both comfortable and perfect for your eyes.

Dr. Dave Bond & Associates Optometrists in Barrie, Ontario and we will get you the perfect contact lenses for your eyes, so that you can see clearly and remain comfortable. For more information about our contact lens examination and fitting services, or to book an appointment, please contact us today.

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Last Updated On: April 06, 2017
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