Children's Eye Care

For optimal eye health for children , schedule an eye exam with Dr. David Bond and Associates in Barrie

Dr. Kristen Mansi at Dr . David Bond and Associates , Barrie optometrists recommends an annual eye examination for children

Dr. Kristen Mansi , optometrist at Dr. David Bond and Associates in Barrie ,has a special interest in children's eye care .

The team of optometrists and welcoming staff at Dr. David Bond and Associates works with families and children , even infants, to ensure that everyone enjoys and benefits from optometry appointments .

Parents will be happy to know that children and young adults under the age of 19 are covered for yearly eye exams with the presentation of their health card. Yearly eye exams are essential to protect your children’s visual health.

Our optometrists understand that kids may not be aware of external symptoms of degenerative eye health because young children do not have anything to compare their eyesight to . As a result they may not be able to communicate when something is wrong .
When you and your child visit Dr. David Bond and Associates for an eye exam we will talk with you about the child's visual experience . If the child is school age we will discuss your child's performance in math and reading
The eye examination is central to the visit and the doctor will decide if your child needs further examination in binocular and accommodative function. This additional testing will uncover any eye tracking, eye teaming or focusing disorders that could potentially interfere with the child’s school performance.According to experts, 80% of learning is visual, which means that if your child is having difficulty seeing clearly, his or her learning can be affected. This also goes for infants who develop and learn about the world around them through their sense of sight. To ensure that your children have the visual resources they need to grow and develop normally, their eyes and vision should be checked by an eye doctor at certain stages of their development.

Make visits to Dr. David Bond and Associates an annual event for you and your children to ensure optimal eye health, learning and well being .

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Last Updated On: May 10, 2017
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