When should children have their first eye exam?
When should children have their first eye exam?

When should children have their first eye exam?

Most at 6 months of age but there are exceptions!

Dr. David Bond & Associates Optometrists of Barrie, Ontario explains when children should have their first eye exam

Each child is different. Things vary such as the circumstance of their birth, the quality of air where they live, the things they are exposed to intentionally or unintentionally, etc. You are doing the best you can to protect your child's eye health but you can't protect them from everything! Children put things in their eyes, stare at the sun, and do all sorts of things that could result in damaged eyes. This is why most children should have their first eye exam as early as 6 months of age. After the original 6 months further examinations are recommended annually.

6 months is the standard rule but you may not have a standard child! If your child was born prematurely it is vital their eyes are examined as soon as possible to ensure they will continue development if they haven't been developed already. The child should also see an eye-care professional if an eye is turned in or out, is red, or is consistently running. They should also see an optometrist if there is frequent excessive eye-rubbing, signs of vision loss, or uneven pupil sizes.

Dr. David Bond is a licensed optometrist. With years of experience working with children of all ages David is well-equipped to make all children comfortable throughout their eye exam and ensure the parent feels confidence in his abilities.

For more information about children's eye examinations please contact Dr. David Bond in Barrie, Ontario.

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